Wednesday, October 3, 2012

keep MOG - move to spotify?

I'm only going to pay for 1 service at a time. I have MOG and like it, but there are some features that Spotify has which are compelling - like the apps and how easy it is to share playlists. MOG's social aspect is just about nil. But here's the kicker - MOG has Planet-mu and Ninja Tune in their label roster. And they have another 10% more music that I want to listen to that Spotify doesn't include. That's a pretty compelling reason to stick with MOG.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

new Passion Pit - GREAT!

I'm starting this post over for the umpteenth time, but I'll keep my original title.
I dont' know about anyone else, but when a good album comes out, I essentially OD on it, listening to it over and over. After a week of immersion I can probably come away from the album with a fair long-term opinion of it. So there has to be a high baseline of enjoyment that gets me to this state. That's the case with Gossamer.

The second passion pit album brings together strong influences (or rather reflects traits) of my 2 favorite, later  00s bands: Mates of State and DCFC, leaning toward postal service. Essentially the PassionPit album is highly melodic that's more hook oriented than verse oriented, and I like that really direct and get over the BS of the song orientation. They also have these strong R and B songwriting currents underneath - see constant conversations which with a little more ooh and ahh vocal flourishes would be a killer R&B Hot summer jam, the lead singer's vocal character excepted.

I'd also add they have a Pet Shop Boys sense going on with their really well crafted song sense, to the point where these songs could be published from the Brill Building. It's all a little weird, then after the finest song on the album Cry like a Ghost, it sorta drops off. But still, 6 consecutive great tracks is pretty impressive.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

listen: Rhythm & Sound - Never Tell You

I was blown away about by how Richie Hawtin closed his Decks FX 909 mix from '99 with this track. Something about the half speed chords against the slinky bass line - and then the mix wherein the bass envelopes you.

Thursday, July 5, 2012